It’s Robert Goulet’s head on an ace card! Get it?? Whatever. This is dumb.

Webby Nominated and Other Hottness

Hey! Remember that post about the new site for The New School? Well that site is now nominated for a Webby! I am super pumped about that…just being nominated is a pretty big deal. As I mentioned in my previous post, tons of people worked super hard on this site (check them out). While I am hoping for the juried prize to come our way, there is also a People’s Choice award, so if you feel so inclined, please go vote for us.

In other project news, I just launched designer Karol Miekina’s new portfolio site. Her design of the site is fantastic and turning it into a responsive wordpress theme was a lot of fun.

In about a week and a half I will be starting a new full time position at Sanborn Media Factory as a Front End Developer. I’m a little sad to leave The New School, but super psyched to be going over to SMF. They do a lot of really exciting, interesting work and it will be awesome to be a part of that. I recently finished up a freelance project with SMF, doing the front end development and wordpress theme for a microsite they created and designed for Xerox and The Week, called Business Made Simple.

But really, just go vote for that damn Webby. That’s all I really care about.